A Receding Hairline
From Alcoholism?

Receding Hairline From Alcoholism

Though most people would not connect a receding hairline from alcoholism as a true effect of alcohol abuse, it is crucial to note that alcohol can cause major issues, both internally and externally.

Alcohol is a substance that can cause the bodies systems to change and operate differently; therefore there are a lot of changes that you may note for those who abuse alcohol. Hair loss is just one of these possible changes.

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

The body already undergoes a large amount of stress when there is too much alcohol usage. Those who are alcoholics likely do not take care of their health through a well-balanced diet.

Many times, the diets of an alcoholic may suffer, because they are not paying attention to what is being ingested along with the alcohol. Many alcoholics are also experiencing stress.

This can be due to the alcoholism or a result of the alcoholism. The lack of nutrition and the over indulgence of alcohol has disastrous effects of the bodies systems that must operate to keep the body healthy.

Binge Drinking Health Risks

Binge drinking and hair loss may not be a connection that you will make quickly. The first risk of binge drinking is blacking out. It is not uncommon to hear that binge drinkers have passed out after an episode of drinking.

Binge drinking can cause many internal issues, because of the amount of alcohol that is being ingested at one time.

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Too much alcohol takes away the zinc mineral that the body needs. When you take away zinc, hair loss is often inevitable. Excessive drinking, both through alcoholism or binge drinking will cause hair to fall out.

Binge drinking and hair loss can be especially devastating for those who are young and participate in overconsumption.

Folic acid and Vitamin D levels also suffer with increased alcohol usage. Folic acid is necessary for the development of healthy cells. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system and improve your mood.

Vitamin D and folic acid can be taken in the form of supplements or they can be increased through the diet. Vitamin D is also absorbed by the skin, when you go out into the sun. Taking care of the body in this manner can be difficult when suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholism and Hair Loss in Women

When women drink, the levels of estrogen, or the female hormone found in a woman's body, will be raised. When estrogen levels are raised too high, this can cause hair loss. Estrogen levels in women can be regulated through medication and hormone therapy, however, this is only recommended for women who have a medical issue that is causing the raised estrogen.

A receding hairline from alcoholism can also cause additional stress which will only make the alcoholism worse.  Read more about alcoholism and women.

Possible Treatments

One drug that has been studied regarding binge drinking and hair loss is Finasteride (Propecia). Finasteride has caused some of the men who take the drug to have a decreased tolerance for alcohol. Some of the subjects who took the hair loss drug decided to no longer drink because of the poor effects.

Although there is no conclusive study regarding hair loss drugs as of yet, the number one method to stop the link between a receding hairline from alcoholism is to stop indulging in alcohol.

Stop drinking alcohol, eating a well-balanced diet, and living in a healthy environment will do wonders for the hair and body overall.

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