Free Consultation With An Addictions Counselor

Free Consultation With An Addictions Counselor


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If you or someone you love have a problem with alcohol or drugs, we’d like to help. You might not be sure if you really have a problem. You might not know how to get help for a loved one that drinks too much.

You might not know where to go for help or if you can afford it. You might be reluctant to seek help because you don’t want to do a lengthy inpatient stay in a rehab center. It’s normal to have many questions and feel anxious about the process of getting help.

We’d like to make it a little easier for you. We’ve arranged a toll free number, 877-322-2694 you can call day or night for a free consultation with a trained addictions counselor. An experienced, caring counselor will assess your situation, let you know what level of treatment is recommended for you, help you find the treatment you need near you, and answer any questions you may have.

Calls are free and confidential and there’s no obligation. We just want you to get the information and support you need.

The Assessment Process

An addictions counselor will ask you about your drug and alcohol use, including what drugs you use, how much and how often you use them, and how much and how often you drink. The counselor will also ask about how your drinking or drug use has affected your life, including whether it’s caused any problems at work or school, any problems in relationships, and any health problems.

If you’re calling about a loved one or family member, you may not have all the information. That’s all right, you can call anyway. The counselor will do his or her best to assist you and help you get the help you and your loved one need.

Treatment Options

An addictions counselor will discuss all of your options with you. You might not need inpatient or residential treatment. There are intensive outpatient programs, where you can go during the day and then be at home with your family in the evenings or go in the evenings while still going to work during the day.

Other options might include seeing a therapist and attending 12 step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous. Family therapy is also an important component of treatment for addiction and the addictions counselor you speak to can tell you about the options available for your family, as well.

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can be life-threatening. It won’t just go away by itself. Call our toll free number now to speak with a trained addictions counselor and start getting your life back.

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