Fatal Risk From Foreshots?

My alcoholic husband works for a commercial distillery (he was an alocholic before he worked there, it just makes things worse). I think he is drinking at work but I don't know how to be sure and I'm not even sure if/how he could access it.

I found on his laptop a search about foreshots, which leads me to think he has found access to pre-distilled whiskey and he's trying to find out what risk there is with drinking it before the foreshot is removed. I have read it can be fatal, therefore I feel compelled to not let the "natural consequences" fall where they may with this one. Please share with me your knowledge about the distilling process, if this is possible, and suggestions for how to handle this. Our brother-in-law (married to my husband's sister) also works there and I'm contemplating getting him involved in this.


Unfortunately, I cannot say I have much knowledge of the distilling process. That is not my area of expertise. Perhaps it is possible that your husband was doing work-related research for work purposes.

If you feel that it was personal research for purposes of drinking, and you are concerned that he may accidentally harm himself, then it may be best to confront him on this matter. In this case, I recommend letting him know what you found on the laptop and ask him about it. When doing so give him the benefit of the doubt. In other words, do not ask in an accusatory way. Ask with a sincere heart as a concerned spouse. Tell him that it scared you to think that he may resort to drinking before the foreshot is removed.

There are consequences to revealing that you looked through his laptop history. However, there may also be consequences to keeping quiet. You need to decide which risk is greater. If you decide to confront him, the most important thing to remember is to approach him in a supportive, non-accusatory way. He needs to see that you are merely a concerned and loving wife. You aren’t “out to get him”.

If he is indeed going to take a risk with his own life, you could choose to notify his boss. The degree to which you want to interfere is up to you. There are risks to each decision you make. In the end, he is responsible for his own choices.

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