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Many people are nervous about going to a drug and alcohol rehab center. They know they need help, but it’s scary to go to an alcohol rehab center when you don’t know what to expect. We’ll give you a “tour” of a typical rehab center and let you know what it’s like.

Intake and Admission

When you first get to the rehabilitation center, you’ll go through an intake and admission process. There will be some paperwork to fill out and sign. Someone will go over the rules of the facility with you.

You won’t be allowed to have anything with alcohol, including things like mouthwash. Someone will go through your belongings to make sure you didn’t bring anything that’s not allowed.

You will be asked lots of questions. They will need to take a thorough history. They’ll ask you all about your alcohol and drug use in detail, but they’ll ask about other things as well.

They’ll want to know about any health problems you have, including any psychological problems. They’ll ask all about your family and your relationships and things like that. Answer all the questions as honestly as you can.

Tour of the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Someone will show you around the alcohol rehab center. They’ll show you your room. You’ll probably have a roommate. There will be a day room of some sort with a television, and probably board games, puzzles, and other things to do.

Your room will probably not have a television and may not have a telephone. There will be public telephones available for your use. There will be a dining room and rooms where groups are held. There will also be a laundry facility you can use.

Medical Care

The rehab center will provide medical care for alcohol-related conditions. You’ll get a thorough physical examination. If you need to detox, it will be done under medical supervision. There will be a doctor, a physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner in charge, and nurses on duty 24 hours a day.

Psychiatric Care

You’ll also get an evaluation by a psychiatrist. If you suffer from a condition like depression, medication might be prescribed.

Individual Therapy

Not all treatment centers provide individual therapy, but the good ones do. Look for an alcohol rehab center that does. Individual therapy is where you’ll work on the issues that led you to start drinking in the first place.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is the mainstay of the drug and alcohol rehab center. You will attend several groups each day. In group sessions you will learn new coping skills and share experiences with others who are facing the same problems you are. Sharing in a group can be scary at first, but it’s a risk worth taking.

Other Kinds of Therapy

Your drug and alcohol rehab center may offer other kinds of therapy as well, like art therapy, music therapy, or movement therapy. These experiential kinds of therapy are designed to complement the educational and “talk therapies.” Some people really like them and some people feel awkward participating in them, but give them a chance.

Family Involvement

Most rehab centers have a family component, which provides education and support to family members. They may also offer family counseling. Family involvement is very important because alcoholism affects the entire family.


The drug and alcohol rehab center should offer some sort of follow up care after you are discharged. This is often a once a week session, which acts as a sort of “refresher.” It’s important to participate in the aftercare program in order to prevent relapse. 

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Licensed Medical Health Professional 

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