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Choosing an appropriate alcoholism treatment center is pivotal to the rehabilitation process. The key is to find a facility, among the variety of options available, that offers the expertise and treatment approach you require so you and your family can begin the road to recovery.

You may be provided with a list of alcohol treatment centers from your healthcare professional or counselor – or find some facilities through searching the internet. Yet, before making any decisions, you need to evaluate each alcoholism treatment center that interests you.

This includes contacting the alcohol treatment centers (or having a loved one make the call) and asking specific questions to ensure there is a proper match with the facility offerings and your specific needs. Always consult with your doctor before making a final choice.

Program Offerings

Before going to a treatment center, your healthcare provider should assess your condition, provide a diagnosis, and recommend the type of treatment environment and therapy you need.

As you evaluate different facilities, check to be sure the addiction recovery programs offered match your specific requirements according to the severity and stage of your disease. Programs options may include residential, outpatient, and peer-support programs.

If you require a medically based program that includes a specialized facility to help with withdrawal, medication, and doctor supervision, ask about the center’s accreditation and the credentials of the medical staff that will monitor your program.


Family Therapy Options

Alcoholism affects the entire family and each member's involvement is typically key to the recovery process.

In addition, spouses and children may not realize the depth of impact the chemical dependency has had on their own lives and well-being. As a result, they may need their own therapy regime. Therefore, learn about the available therapy for family members who may need assistance.

Follow-up and Continuing Care

There is no cure for alcoholism – only recovery, which is an ongoing process that must be managed for a lifetime. The addiction management skills learned while at an alcoholism treatment center must be transferred to every day life and this can be challenging.

Therefore, to help ensure the best outcome, it is essential to be involved in a follow-up support program. When researching alcohol treatment centers, be sure to ask about continuing care programs, locations and monitoring activities.

Alcoholism Treatment Center Cost

Each of the alcohol treatment centers will likely provide pricing information in a different format. Yet, it is important to be able to compare the cost of different alcohol treatment centers.

Always ask for a price sheet that breaks out each aspect of treatment, including the cost for the stay and/or visits, meals, medication, medical supervision, detoxification, therapy, family counseling, follow-up, etc.

Check with your health insurance company about alcoholism treatment center coverage so you know exactly what will be covered and what costs you will be expected to cover.

Above all, evaluate cost relevant to the breadth of treatment and service quality you will receive. The least expensive facility may not be your best choice unless the center delivers the appropriate treatment and services that will help enable you to achieve long-term abstinence.

Specific Questions to Ask

The nonprofit family-oriented treatment center Serenity Lane offers the following questions to ask when selecting an alcoholism treatment center:

  • Do they have certified chemical dependency counselors on staff?
  • Does the treatment center have licensed psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists as members of the treatment team?
  • Is the medical director certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)?
  • Is the treatment center licensed as a hospital by the state?
  • What kind of follow up care is offered?
  • Is the treatment philosophy based on a strong 12-Step Program?

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